It’s pretty likely that you already know about Airbnb and its rentals offering, but have you checked out its experiences service – letting local experts give you a deeper glimpse into the culture you are looking to visit?

From food tours and history walks, right through to hands-on lessons in an indigenous craft, you’ll find hosts giving you the experience you need to transform your trip and make sure you’re not missing out on local flavour.

Hosts are pulled from a range of backgrounds, but passion and expertise in their subject is the key unifying factor.

A food tour, for example, might be led by a local chef, a great home cook, or an avid foodie. ”This doesn’t mean they have to be a professional food writer,” says Farzad Sharif, Product Marketing Manager for Airbnb Trips. But if they’re a blogger who’s reviewed every single ramen restaurant in San Francisco, they probably do have the inside tips on the best places.”

Airbnb experiences are a food lover’s dream. A host in Barcelona, for example, invites you to the bohemian neighbourhood of Gracia to cook traditional paella. In Miami, an all-women group immerses you in Cuban culture through a walking tour of food in Little Havana.

There’s more to Airbnb experiences than great cuisine. Other categories include arts, nature, sports, history, music, and nightlife. ”We have experiences that are really esoteric, like Walk with Wolves in LA. and Laugh Your Way Through the Louvre in Paris,” says Sharif.

Other off-the-beaten-path options include a session of silent disco beach yoga in San Francisco, the chance to create a custom perfume in Seoul, and crafting a Lucha Libre mask in Mexico City.

Airbnb currently offers more than 4,000 experiences in more than 50 cities around the world – with the promise of many more to come in 2018.

For Sharif, the key to success is connecting great hosts with the people who want the best experiences: ”Right now, 90% of experiences have over 4.5 out of 5 stars. Retaining quality is our number- one goal.”

So, if you fancy a bit more local flavour, a tad more tradition or even the occasional eccentric event, Airbnb will provide you with the perfect experience.

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