Baby spit up again. And needs changing. And won’t stop crying.

New parents have it tough. There are lots of things to learn before getting the mum and dad thing down pat. But the joy of parenting is in the process, and these three apps may help growing up together go a little smoother. Think of them as the capes for the super parent you are.

Getting to know you

BabyTime is for first-time parents who need a little guidance. The app helps track your baby’s habits in order to better understand his or her routines. Record daily activities like feedings, sleep and diaper changes all using its clean and tidy interface.

Sync across devices to make sure parents, family and caretakers are up to date on baby’s most recent activities with the app’s easy-to-read analyses. These detailed records could even be informative for your family doctors.

Rock-a-bye baby

Getting a little tyke to sleep is not easy. It’s even more difficult past midnight when you’re the one being sleep deprived. Cradle can help.

The app is chock-full of baby sleep sounds, like falling rain, wind and heartbeats. It even has the soothing shushes mums and dads make to lull their infants to sleep. With several more features such a loops and animations, Cradle is a dream for drowsy babies and parents.

Milestone Moments

Baby’s every wink and smile is precious – and gets parents reaching for the camera. Tinybeans Baby Book & Log is an app that helps collect all these moments. Organise photo albums, record growth and all the baby steps of development in formats that are easily shareable with family and friends. This way, 18 years from now, you and your child can look back on these first priceless memories, together.

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