This is one for the fanatical doodlers. Zen Brush 2 is an app that mimics the feeling of painting with an East Asian ink brush. If you’re into calligraphy or east Asian artwork, you’ll love playing around with the the effects and the soothing, sweeping motion of the brush on your canvas.

Unlike many drawing apps out there, this one keeps things astoundingly simple. There are only two ink colours to choose from: the default black (which swaps to white automatically if you’ve chosen a dark-coloured canvas) and red.

You can move up the grayscale to a lighter shade, choose to work with the standard brush, a wet brush (the ink will bleed more as you draw) or a dry brush (you’ll get a scratchy effect on the canvas) and you can change the thickness of the brush. Other than that and choosing the frame and canvas colour, and paper type, the rest is up to you.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be amazing at drawing to enjoy the app. With Zen Brush 2 even drawing a few black lines on a piece of white paper suddenly becomes incredibly therapeutic.

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