Swipe left, swipe right, yeah, nah, so-so, definitely yes…

It’s a match!”

Oh nice. Great smile, check. No gym selfie, check. Loves pets. Check. Thinking up a clever opening line.* These tentative early rituals will be familiar to anyone who has tried their hand at online dating.

But typically there comes a time, if the embers of interest haven’t died after a few days of chatting on the app, when one party offers up a suggestion: Want to swap numbers and talk on the phone?

This is a pivotal moment. Swap phone numbers and there’s no going back. If you develop cold feet at some point and decide to not pursue the budding connection any further, the other person will still be able to message you. Not ideal.

This is why we like the new feature on Woo, which permits women members to initiate a voice call from the app, without revealing their phone number. The call travels through the data connection on your phone. It’s a thoughtful feature that is executed well.

Woo builds your member profile using your Facebook account.

In recent years, there has been rising sensitivity about the need to give women greater control over their privacy on dating apps. The voice call feature on Woo is a worthy addition to this trend.

Popular in India and with the Indian diaspora around the world, Woo features the now ubiquitous tile- swiping format. It’s free to use. Subscribers get access to enhanced features like unlimited swipes, the ability to swipe in another location and so on.

Woo can’t eliminate bad dates. But it can help end the hassle of unwelcome text messages that might follow for weeks afterwards.

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