What is it about pirates which makes them so popular with kids? They’re basically grubby, greedy, thieving, murderous criminals with troubling morals.

Still, they talk funny, have parrot sidekicks and have a distinctive look, so let’s put our concerns aside and tell you about We ARGH Pirates, the latest kids app from award-winning creator Avokiddo.

It’s a cheerful game about a rowdy cast of ne’er do wells on a quest for treasure. Salty seafaring action ensues, in which you can swipe to avoid crashing into huge rocks poking out of the water, or blast them away with your cannon.

Meanwhile, on land, there are simple puzzles to be solved – mostly based around coconuts – and some light exploration to uncover treasure.

It’s all rendered in a wonky, flat cartoon style, and it is animated in a pretty unusual way, too – the pirates wobble about the place like each character is being held up by strings.

If you have little ones going through a pirate phase, then this gently challenging adventure will certainly satisfy them. It’s another polished effort from Avokiddo, which like Toca Boca, Tinybop and Sago Mini, is making a name for itself as a trusted creator of quality kids apps.

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