This comes as no surprise; the App Store has its fair share of fantastic video editing apps. But if you aim to get professional results without sparing ease-of-use, you have to get familiar with Videorama.

Are we ohanneling your inner auteur? Have you started thinking of a title for your new masterpiece already? Then you are ready to hear three tips to master the art of Videorama and create the ultimate video envy:

Tip #1: Choose Your Platform

Our first top tip is to consider which platform you are going to share your project on before getting started with importing from your camera roll. Different platforms favor different formats (landscape, square or portrait) so you don’t want to have to go back! If your platform of choice is audio friendly, make sure to check out the sound effects within the app as well. In the starter pack, you’ll find joke drum, dark horn blast, psycho scream and many more. Alternatively, you can spice things up with a romantic soundtrack, because why not?

Tip #2: Go Extra!

An aspiring director’s imagination knows no boundaries -and that’s where video fx may come in handy. Videorama offers a great range of starter visual effects including tornado, confetti rain and groundcrack. And you can record your own voiceovers to make the scene even more dramatic.

If you like it and you want to put text on it (pun very much intended), you’ll love the variety of typefaces as well as animated text effects. Videorama is created by Istanbul based studio Apperto, who are also responsible for the awesome typography app Typorama; so we are in good hands.

Tip #3: Be A Pro, Literally

Videorama provides full HD support for free. To use explosion or magic spell packs, share videos that are longer than 3 minutes and unlock other extra features, you have to purchase premium packs which are tailored for individual needs. Those who want more need to try Videorama PRO subscription, a pro package that elevates the video editing experience to new heights. Curious already? Try the 7 day trial of Videorama PRO.

If you are looking for a fast, powerful and straightforward video editing app, whether for professional purposes or just to have some fun, Videorama is likely to become a beloved addition to your home screen.

An artistic vision, a few taps and the 🏆 goes to… You!

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