Do you spend your commute daydreaming about a career in a fast-paced industry? Or maybe you have a stellar idea for an app you’d like to build, but you don’t know where to start? Then you should probably hunker down with Udaoity, a learning app that offers scores of courses in subjects at teohnology’s bleeding edge-many of them entirely for free.

Launch Udacity and you’ll find a vast and varied course catalogue. Classes range from the basics-like an introduction to the seminal ”The Design of Everyday Things,” taught by by its author, Don Norman-to high-level computer science. The Reinforcement Learning” class, for example, created in partnership with Georgia Tech, requires having taken a graduate-level machine-learning course and a solid grasp of Java programming.

As new needs emerge in the tech industry, Udacity responds with course work to help professionals level up. Registration has opened for classes on flying-car technology.

Each course you enroll in is broken up into short lessons, so you can learn on the go.

The great part about Udacity is that your classroom is anywhere-a park bench during your lunch break, your kitchen table on a Saturday morning. The classes are largely video-based, while some, like ”Machine Learning for iOS,” rely heavily on voice-over coupled with animated graphics. Lessons are broken down into short sections that you can engage with on the go.

So enroll in a free class like ”How to Make an iOS App” or ”How to Build a Startup.” Who knows-you might use your new-found knowledge to springboard into your next big gig.

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