If you wish to extend your children’s musical education past the Top 40, then Tongo Music is a great place to start.

The playful app finds a fun way of introducing children to classical music. Children can tap around a colourful cartoon world on screen – on animals, plants and buildings – and be led to animated samples of famous classical pieces. They can tap on the swans to listen to The Swan movement from Camille Sain-Saens’s Carnival of the Animals, for example.

Tap on the house and they will be able to listen to samples of works by Chopin, Mozart, Schumann and Liszt and have the chance to play about on a little keyboard and make a bit of music themselves.

A section dedicated to percussion allows children to bang drums and a gong and ting on the triangle. Another teaches them to draw the bass and treble clefs.

The app is aimed at two- to eight-year-oIds, so to keep things simple, it is devoid of text. Don’t worry. If you’re a parent who can’t tell their Tchaikovsky from their Charpentier, you can download the app’s handbook” and swot up on all the featured musio. That way, you’ll be prepared when your child starts quizzing you about his or her favourite composer.

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