When you are group-chatting with your friends even the simplest of questions can spiral out of control.

Something as basic as Whether you’d like burgers or pizza when you next meet up can become the food-choice equivalent of War and Peace, and that’s why developer Josh Pyles made the Messages voting app TinyPoll.

The best thing about TinyPoll is its simplicity and speed. Because polls are sent directly through Messages you can stay Within the group conversation. It takes just a few taps to create a multiple-choice poll and send it to your friends.

As the votes pour in, the animated taIIy gets updated in real time. ”I’ve watched my friends change their votes back and forth just to see the numbers bounce around,” Pyles says.

By default, you can create a poll with two multiple-choice options every two hours. An annual subscription, which currently costs less than that hotly-disputed burger, lets you create unlimited polls and add up to five options.

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