We’re all ‘busy’. But have you noticed that it might not be that you’re lacking time, but because you could perhaps manage that time better? Things 3 is here to help. This to-do-Iist app looks amazingly simple from the outside, but packs a lot of punch in terms of features.

Don’t be too intimidated though. When you start up the app, it allows you to go through a comprehensive tutorial that shows you exactly what’s possible. The Inbox is the main bucket that you can chuck all your tasks in. From there, you can assign specific dates on which these need to be addressed. This will make sure they show up in the Today view, where – surprise surprise – you see all the tasks you need to complete today.

The big blue plus-sign is also a major part of your workflow. Tapping it lets you create a new to-do item or a new project, which is a collection of items around a certain theme.

We haven’t even mentioned all the details that make Things 3 such a pleasure to work with. For example, you can pause a task at any time, or push it to the evening. Most importantly, the app doesn’t make you feel guilty or nag you. If you don’t complete a task on the date you set for it, it just pushes it to the next day. You might find yourself using Things 3 not because you need to, but because you want to.

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