WAKE UP! NOW! HURRY! GO! GO! GO! The alarm clock equivalent of a military drill sergeant screaming at you to get out of bed isn’t the most pleasant way to be roused, but that’s what most of us feel like we deal with, daily. It’s that perpetually-hated chime that jars us into consciousness every morning. And things just got worse, thanks to the clocks changing.

There are nicer ways to start your day like Sleep Cycle. A comparative warm hug of a daily wake up call, it knows when best to wake you based on how you’re currently sleeping.

How does it know? Well, it watches you sleep. Not in a sinister, horror movie kind of way, but through scientific assessment.

Launch the app as you get into bed, place your iPhone face-down on the bedside table and the app will listen out for minute variances in your breathing patterns, and use your phone’s accelerometer to monitor your movements while you’re in the land of nod. All of this data is then processed in real time using a specialist algorithm. One that tells the app when you’re in light or deep sleep.

And this is key. Having told the app when you need to be up, it will then gradually wake you within a half hour window of this time, starting things off when it senses you’re in a light phase of sleep. The result is a less shocking, more natural and relaxing start to the day.

You’ll feel more refreshed, and can use that extra energy to learn about your sleeping patterns, something that’s far more exciting than it sounds. With each night’s rest graphed out, you can see how well you’ve slept and how your step count, for example, affects your quality of sleep.

Soon you’ll be enjoying a good night’s rest no matter how frantio and draining your day might be.

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