There’s never a bad time to make a few positive changes in your life, so if you love the idea of getting in the habit of daily meditation practice, then Simple Habit is here to help.

The app makes it easy to build meditation into your busy life with its catalogue of short, guided mindful meditations. There are seven-day courses with five or 10 minute daily sessions to get you started. There are also entire libraries of meditations devoted to improving happiness, better sleep, greater focus and combatting stress.

But SimpleHabit knows that you’re unlikely to set aside time for any of the above, which is why the best feature is the On The Go section. Here you can select whatever it is you’re doing right now, and whether you have five, 10 or 20 minutes, and the app will find the right meditation practice to suit your situation.

Are you on your commute, on the train, with only five minutes until your stop? Are you currently walking in the middle of the city? Are you about to have a difficult conversation with your boss? Or can you feel that you’re about to have a panic attack? Perfect, now is the time for your daily meditation.

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