When life moves too fast and you can’t find time to focus on you, Shine, an upbeat mindfulness and motivation app, can help.

Kick-start your day with Shine’s feed, which is presented as a fun text conversation (filled with emoji and GIFs). Each day, it bubbles up something new. You might get a link to an article on ”What Being Broke for a Year Taught Me About True Abundance” or learn how to do a self- reflection exercise.

Tap the Shine button to try out the free Quick Hitters section; you’ll find five- minute motivational talks to help you reset your state of mind throughout the day. With a monthly subscription, you’ll get access to additional audio talks on self-improvement, with themes ranging from dealing with jealousy to ditching self-doubt.

Overall, Shine is very much about self- reflection. Throughout the app, you may be prompted to think about what you’re most grateful for, your greatest challenges so far and more.

For those seeking long-term growth, Shine’s 7-Day Challenges go further in-depth. In the ”Love Yourself” guide, for example, you’ll meet Maxie McCoy, a writer and motivational speaker, who reminds us to extend ”compassion to yourself when you’re feeling inadequate” – advice we likely all can use from time to time.

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