What’s so complicated about making tea? A lot, actually; how hot should the water be? Should you steep for one minute or three? How many tea leaves are enough? Take a moment to discover the how-tos and health benefits of the world’s favorite leafy beverage with Serenitea.

The app instruots how to brew popular varieties – from reds, greens, and whites to oolong, puehr, and herbal. It covers the ins and outs of brewing like water-to-leaf ratio, water temperature and steep time.

For example, red teas best release their intense flavors in boiling water (100 °C) for four minutes. The more temperamental green teas, however, only need two minutes at a cooler 80°C.

Just tap the tea’s icon for a steep timer that will flash and sound when it’s ready to enjoy. Serenitea also supports Apple Watch so you can keep your hands free while you brew. With rich photos and clear instructions, the app is easy for anyone to use.

So, whether you need a Monday morning piok-me-up or want to while away a lazy afternoon – there’s a tea app for that.

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