Somehow a whole week has gone by and you have no idea what has been happening in the world. Fortunately you can catch up quickly with Quartz. The app from the excellent current affairs site is very different from other news apps. Instead of just showing you a list of articles, Quartz updates you on the top news stories in text format.

Open the app and it will send you the first line of a story as a text message, with a tongue-in-cheek accompanying GIF. You can then send back apt emojis to read more, or next” to skip to another story. You can tap through to open the original article online at any time.

If you don’t manage to read everything, just check in later – even when you’re offline – and you can pick up where you left off.

Every now and again, you’ll find AR features within your text exchange. You’ll see the Rosetta Stone pop up, for example, and will be able to zoom in to check out the hieroglyphios and examine it from every angle.

It creates a sense that even serious news needn’t be taken too seriously. Take the ”Trump snooze” button, for example. If you’ve reached the limit of your interest in US politics, hit the Trump snooze and you won’t get any updates about the US president for 24 hours – unless, you know, something REALLY major happens.

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