When you are done playing Holi with friends and family today, the festivities with colour can continue with Prisma. The app can turn your photos into art, adding a sheen of permanence to a fleeting moment. Use the Holi filter, an exclusive offering for iOS users, to splash your photos with an added dash of colour.

The strength of the app is in the range of filters it offers. In its sizeable library, you’ll find themes inspired by nature, animals, artists, cities, objects and emotions. Lovers of Indian art shouldn’t miss the Thota Vaikuntam filter, inspired by the artist’s distinct palette of primary colours.

You can find filters in every niche of pop, abstract, contemporary, modern and other art styles. It’s a glorious world of intricate strokes, colours and shades that you can lose yourself in for hours.

Once you click or upload a picture, you can select the intensity of the filter you want to apply by swiping right and left. Make sure you play around with this to achieve the desired effect. Swiping up and down splits the screen, letting you compare between styles. For selfies, the app lets you separate the subject and the background, and selectively apply a filter on either, creating a photo-art hybrid.

To truly understand what’s possible with Prisma, check out its Feed, where its passionate community post their best results. The trending section is full of joyous photographs turned into works of art. Don’t forget to share your best work on the Feed.

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