Nobody likes that awkward moment at the end of an otherwise wonderful meal with friends when it’s time to split the bill. Plates by Splitwise is designed to slice through ten minutes of confusion and let you spend the time carousing and not trying to remember how to do long division on the back of a napkin.

Just tell Plates the number of people and the amount of the bill. Split everything equally or enter each item to have people pay just for what they ordered.

You can even divvy up a specific dish or beverage among certain diners (because not everyone wanted to order the Chateauneuf-du-Pape) and work out a fair tip.

Plates even makes entering all that info painless. Each person is represented by a (surprise, surprise) plate. After you enter the price of an item, just drag it to the appropriate plate. When Plates is done doing your sums for you, you can send your dining companions what they owe by text or email.

So don’t worry when inviting the Whole family for happy hour. Plates will help you settle up.

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