We send each other flower bouquets to express love, ask for forgiveness, wish a speedy recovery. We pin flowers to clothes, put them in our hair, order floral arrangements to wow our house guests. But we don’t always know our stone plants from our strelitzias.

Enter PlantSnap, an app that literally gets you on a first-name basis with the flowers around you by identifying blooming and non-blooming plants by their photos.

After launching the app, take a clear and well-lit picture of the flower that interests you. In a few seconds, PlantSnap will offer a selection of plant species that have the closest match to the one in the photo. You can review a professional picture and description of each suggested species and choose the one that you think is right. The description gives the proper botanical names and just enough details to verify the selection.

We’ve tried snapping pictures of every plant we could find, and even pictures of pictures of flowers. PlantSnap’s identification engine has been powerfully accurate.

All successfully identified plants are saved in the ‘My Collection’ tab, together with the time and geographical coordinates of the snap. This feature comes in especially handy if you’re on a wildlife hike, making PlantSnap a journal of the species you encounter.

If you’re in the mood for floral adventures without getting out of the door, check out PlantSnap’s Explore tab. It lists trending plant species and shows what flowers get identified most frequently.

Whether you are spending this summer hiking in the bush or chilling in a friend’s garden, don’t let the diversity of the plant kingdom pass you by – use PlantSnap to recognize and acknowledge blooming wonders around you.

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