Spotting a mountain isn’t difficult. By their nature they’re bloomin’ massive. Knowing what you’re looking at, however, is a different matter.

With PeakFinder AR it’s now easy to add insight to your ability to simply stare at and admire geology’s giants, and instantly answer the questions What’s that mountain oalled?”, and ”I wonder what you can see from the top?”

Holding information on more than 350,000 of the world’s peaks ranging from the formidable Mount Everest to that grassy knoll on the outskirts of your village – it brilliantly utilises augmented reality (AR) to make learning about those visible peaks as easy as simply holding up your phone.

Using AR, factual data is overlaid on your real-world view, with each visible protrusion highlighted with everything you could want to know about it, including a typographical outline, its name, height, distance from your current location and coordinates. With a single tap you can even (virtually) transport yourself to its summit and get a sense of what you’d see if you ever actually walked up.

As well as helping you learn about and explore your mountainous surroundings, PeakFinder AR helps you make the most of your time amongst these titans. Letting you track the passage of the sun and moon from your hilltop location, you can use the app to check out the sunrise and sunset times, ensuring you don’t miss that memorable moment.

More of a city dweller than a mountain explorer? No problem, break out PeakFinder AR at the top of an office block or observation deck and you can briefly escape your urban landscape and explore nature’s undulations instead.

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