Even the best knives need a sharpening now and then. The same goes for our brains. If you want to maintain that edge, perhaps Peak can help.

Peak keeps your brain in shape with its more than 40 mini-games. They’re designed just right so that they call for a certain degree of effort, but not enough to discourage people if they fail.

The games evaluate your abilities to memorise, solve challenges, concentrate, and think quickly. Afterwards, you are assigned a ”brain score” that help sheds light on your strong and weak points.

Peak also lets you challenge other players of the same age group, and comes with many unlookable extras for even more motivation to keep your brain in shape.

The app adapts to your performance and tailors your daily workouts, too. Just set aside 15 minutes daily for six mini-games to flex those brain muscles and feel the results.

Peak won’t make you a genius, but every little bit helps.

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