Forget photo filters – this is art. Oilist is like having a professional painter in your phone; one that’s well versed in 18 different styles, from impressionism to abstract.

Choose any image from your phone and watch as it is quickly rendered into a unique painting that transforms even the tiniest of details.

Unlike filters that give the veneer of a painted look, Oilist meticulously creates each brush stroke, factoring in light, texture and the size of the canvas, just as a true artist would.

The whole process is transparent. Watch Oi/ist work from sketching outlines to applying the oils; allowing you to jump in at any point to make adjustments to your image. Simply tap to pause and either tweak the settings, or perhaps take a quick screenshot to show the process, then tap again to resume. It’s that easy.

The app also encourages you to play with the paint. Simply rotate or tiIt your device to alter the brush angles and paint thickness, making the most of the app’s clever use of Artificial Intelligence to create digital art with an added stroke of genius.

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