myNoise is an ambient-sound generator that takes the eradication of distracting background noise to the next level. The app features over 150 custom-made tracks that go way beyond waterfalls and waves.

Work in an open-plan office? ”Cafe Restaurant” and ”Babble” are particularly effective for neutralising the voice of a chatty colleague. Both feature the sound of people murmuring in the background. Play them at a low volume to make outside speech unintelligible and therefore less distracting.

If simple rainfall is all you’re looking for, take your pick: ”White Rain” is akin to white noise, while ”Gentle Rain” makes the plink of each falling drop more distinct. ”Rain on a Tent” and Tin Roof Rain,” meanwhile, bring out different timbres of drizzle.

It might seem odd to describe an ambient sound as handcrafted, but the tracks in myNoise truly are. All were created by developer and signal-processing researcher Stéphane Pigeon, who records the majority of the audio himself and finesses each track to loop seamlessly. His finishing touch: custom EQ presets and audio compression to ensure the perfect balance between small file sizes (for faster downloads) and sonic fidelity.

myNoise also lets you tweak each sound to an unprecedented degree. With all tracks, you can manually boost specific frequencies to target a particular sound in your environment whether the low rumble of a refrigerator or the whoosh of distant traffic. The app can use your device’s microphone to analyse the sounds around you and calibrate the tracks accordingly. (This feature works with calibrated” sounds, which are labelled with a crosshairs icon.)

Once you dive into myNoise, you’ll quickly discover how powerful this app is. It turns the creation of ambient noise into an art form.

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