Not too long ago, being a tourist meant trusting your instincts when choosing a restaurant, joining endless queues to buy the pass to a museum or returning to the hotel to print the ticket of the musical you wanted to see.

Maybe you’ve oast it to the back of your mind, but it was painful. Maps, tickets, reservations… you were always weighed down with paper. Now, you only need your iPhone, and Musement has had a lot to do with that change. When we started four years ago, only 20% of the venues admitted tickets digitally. Today, in 70% of cases, you only need your mobile phone to access”, explains Alessandro Petazzi, founder of Musement.

The app is a digital tourist guide with booking capabilities, putting an end to the main frustration of any traveller: if I can book a flight or a hotel with my mobile, why can not I do the same with tickets, guided tours or other touristy activities?

Technology has allowed even the smallest local businesses to bring their offering online.

The app offers up to 25,000 different activities in 450 cities in 55 countries, from a walk through the Leonardo Da Vinci vineyards in Milan, to a visit to Paris catacombs or a tour of the best graffiti in Berlin.

Before, we all consulted travel blogs and then bought tickets in person, but now technology has allowed even the smallest local businesses to bring their offering online,” says Petazzi.

Local editors curate the best experiences in each destination, this human factor is critical for escaping the typical ‘touristy’ places. It’s like having a good old friend in every city you visit. The app is also smart and offers recommendations subject to the time of day or depending on the weather, “it doesn’t make sense to show places to have breakfast if it is already afternoon or to propose outdoor activities when it’s raining and freezing”.

But Musement isn’t stopping here; it wants to make you even smarter recommendations. They see an opportunity for machine learning to change the way we travel: “The offer will not only be different depending on the person but between the first, the second or the third time you visit the same city, or if you are single, married or have children”.

Well, it seems that you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect plan anymore, the perfect plan will be delivered straight to you.

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