A few years ago that’s how many people thought you talked to computers, just ones, zeros and a whole lot of gobbledygook. Pleasingly coding has become more commonplace in education, and now Mimo is helping further spell the end of coding ignorance, making this key skill easier to learn.

Breaking things down into bite-sized quizzes and super short lessons, it teaches you fundamental skills and programming languages without overwhelming. It’s all tailored to what you want to learn, too.

Want to make a website, build an app, make a game or automate tasks? Whatever your desired path, Mimo wiIl tailor a programme to your needs, and keep things light.

You play as you learn, sliding lines of code into the correct order, building up a base understanding in modules that can be tackled while you wait for your morning coffee. Things start off easy and get progressively harder, but don’t worry about wrong answers, they’re treated with support and explanation rather than mirth and mookery.

What makes these lessons so easy to follow though is Mimo’s ability to make them reIatabIe. By transforming coding explanations and examples into real world topics such as sandwich-making, it helps you learn commands, sequences and more advanced topics without being intimidating.

It’s then that you have to put your Iearnings into practice.

What ultimately makes Mimo so cool is that you’ll actually have created something by the end of your training. If you want to build an app, you will, and seeing your code come to life in a real coding environment is both exciting and rewarding.

No, you’re not going to transform from coding nOOb to app inventor overnight, but Mimo’s easily digestible curriculums make the journey as fun as it is educational.

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