We often discuss cool apps here. The exciting ones that reimagine how we use our devices, make our lives easier or simply entertain us. Miiskin is something different. It’s an app that could help save your life.

Putting your health ahead of your enjoyment, it lets you track changes in skin conditions, monitor moles and ensure that potentially problematic issues are spotted early. It does this by helping you capture in-focus and clearly framed snaps of your worrisome moles using its carefully tuned camera settings.

Great for those who’ve been advised to monitor a mole’s state, you can mark on a digital body exactly where the skin abnormality is located. Add custom notes around any characteristics you think might be pertinent, such as a change of colour, size or raising of the edges.

Although the app itself doesn’t offer any diagnostic aid – it’s not there to diagnose any potential conditions or alert your doctor to changes to your mole – it will help those looking for peace of mind. With changes in a mole being a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored, Miiskin helps you gather evidence of the progress (or lack thereof) of your enlarged freckle.

Monitoring your mole over weeks or months on the app’s photolog will help to confirm if there’s nothing to worry about, or whether to seek a professional opinion.

There’s no need to worry about remembering when the last time you gave your mole the once over either. The app will keep tabs on the dates of your checks and send you an alert when its time to monitor any potential changes.

Unlike many of the medical tools online, Miiskin won’t fill you with fear. It’s about observation rather than alarming information, because when it comes to something as serious as melanoma, early detection is key to effective treatment.

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