Sometimes, you need to reach out further than your nearest and dearest to explore your interests; Your spouse might not share your enthusiasm for long distance oyoling, your mates wouldn’t be seen dead saIsa dancing and you don’t know anyone who you can practice your Spanish with.

But those are no reasons to let your passions pass you by.

Meetup neatly organises your upcoming meetings.

Just launch Meetup. This app helps you find and connect – in person with people who share your interests, hobbies or goals.

There are communities for just about every category imaginable: outdoors and adventure, beliefs, health and wellness, language and culture, movements, pets, dance, books, photography, sports and tech – to name a few! If you can dream it up, there’s a good chance someone out there wants to meet about it.

And if it doesn’t exist already, you can organise your own group. A subscription to the service allows you to form and guide up to three groups.

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