As successful athletes know, a well conditioned mind is just as important as a well-conditioned body. Lucid encourages you to unlock your full athletic potential using exercises for your mind-set.

Whether you’re prepping for league tryouts, are attempting to keep your nerves at bay before a game, or simply want to create a mindfulness routine you can stick to, Lucid can help.

The subscription-based app offers a daily five-minute audio course that leverages meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations. You’ll learn that wisdom, confidence, focus, and drive-What Lucid calls the four pillars can break down the mental blocks that may have been holding you back.

The app is packed with inspiration from coaches who’ve worked with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and other sports stars. (Check out the Train Like the Pros section for more advice that star athletes find useful.) Lucid can also show you reassuring messages on game days.

Coach Graham Betchart, your guide through most of the app, explains Lucid’s approach to reaching your full potential in a lesson on drive: ”There is always something to compete for in each moment,” he says. ”You are competing on your own terms. You are no longer comparing yourself to others.”

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