Music emanating from a lilypad may seem strange; reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s Frog Chorus, perhaps. But once you start using Lily, it will all make perfect sense.

The app allows you to compose using digital lilies. Each petal represents a note and the notes play in a continuous loop around the lily. By changing the tempo of playback, the sequence and the length of notes and the number of petals (or notes) on each lily, you can create music, building it up layer by layer – or lily by lily.


Indeed, it’s entirely up to you how many lilies you have to make your tune. Keep it as a simple ditty with one or add more to introduce harmonies and split rhythms. Either way, Lily requires absolutely no musical expertise, so even if you can’t play chopsticks on the piano, you can make something melodio with Lily.

Whether your creation is discordant or harmonious, you’ll find the process of tinkering with tunes unexpectedly relaxing.

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