It’s never too late to learn something new – no matter what that work-shy old dog tells you.

If you’re after a tool to help advance your knowledge of, well, pretty much any academic subject, Khan Academy is a comprehensive training aid worth checking out.

This wide-ranging app will take you from fluid motion and thermodynamics to Palaeolithic life and Mesopotamia and not just teach what those words mean – via how the internet works, keeping you engaged throughout.

That’s because this isn’t a boring, flat learning experience requiring reams of reading complex terms. Instead, Khan Academy offers visual learning, and plenty of it.

With more than 10,000 educational videos explaining the intricacies of all the maths, science and history topics you could want, it makes learning fun, and something you can do While riding that commuter train or lounging on the sofa.

Your current level needn’t be a worry here, either. With subjects broken down into easily digestible modules, you can go from learning the basics of multiplication to more complicated work in fractions, in a matter of hours.

You can bookmark your progress, search for particular modules and sit mock tests to help ensure what you’ve learnt is sticking. Yes, these tests may be geared more to American exam boards, but Newton’s law of motion, or the process by which stars are born, are the same either side of the pond, so the core learnings remain equally helpful to all.

The only hard part is deciding what subject to start learning first.

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