“Hey, can i borrow your headphones?”

Sure thing, when do you think I’ll be able to get them back?”

Get what back?”

Grrr! Again?”

We all have that one friend who thinks borrow” means ”have, forever”. If you’re tired of your possessions being hoarded by others it might be time to start keeping a track on what is where and, crucially, with whom.

iLend is your safety net for shared stuff, transforming you into a modern-day librarian of things, stamping out your possessions instead of books.

You can add notes to your items such as ”perfect condition, so let’s try to keep it that way, yeah?” – and use your Facebook friends list to tag precisely who has borrowed your stuff. Although efficient, iLend isn’t a judge, jury and executioner of friendship-straining, item pilfering. It knows that no matter how much unreturned items annoy you, you’ve probably been guilty of this social faux pas before, too, so you can keep tabs on the items you’ve borrowed as well as those you’ve lent out to others.

And remember, keeping tabs on who has what and asking for it back in a timely manner isn’t rude, it’s your stuff and there’s nothing wrong with being organised. Right?

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