Dates are great, but what a woman really needs in her life is brilliant female friends.

Knowing that they’re not always the easiest relationships to make, particularly if you’re new to a town, Hey! VINA has come up with a recipe for finding you bffs.

Found a kindred spirit? Strike up a chat in app.

Answer a few questions about yourself (whether you like to plan in advance or leave it to chance, whether you’re more of a morning or a night person), join some communities (Yogis or Working Mums, for example) and you’re ready to start swiping through your matches.

Hey! VINA keeps the courtship casual.

But you can add much more detail to help Hey! VINA find suitable friends for you. The app always keeps it fun assessing your personality type with light-hearted, visual quizzes – making the whole experience unobtrusive and encouraging. Find a kindred spirit and you can strike up a chat in-app.

Home the matchmaking magic by taking very chill personality quizzes.

If you just need a positivity boost, check out the Vinazine tab which has inspiring articles about friendship, ideas for places to visit and stories about interesting women.

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