A guide to making a vegetarian happy: instead of asking ‘so what DO you eat?’, or even worse ’What CAN you eat’, try asking ‘where do you eat?’ To be fair, even that advice can be a bad one, as finding somewhere to eat vegan or vegetarian can be a mission impossible at times. That is, until you discover HappyCow.

HappyCow is an app that really lives up to its name. Cows will stay happy, and hopefully both vegans and vegetarians will be happy too. It is not for a lack of trying, that’s for sure. What HappyCow does – and does well is act like a gigantic map with suggestions of places to go for vegan and vegetarian ohoioes. No matter what you need.

It is really no surprise that there’s so many choices available. HappyCow was founded almost 20 years ago and is run by vegans and vegetarians. With a online hub that reaches millions every month, the feedback and help is always at hand. The app is no different.

When browsing for restaurants, bakeries, or stores nearby that offer a choice of vegan or vegetarian food, you will be surprised at how much information is available. Sometimes you will even get a peek behind the counter. Curious if the owner is vegan or just need to know what kind of fresh juice is usually available? That info might just be there as well.

Several times we have found ourselves surprised by the amount of very specific details on offer that can help you decide where to go. With HappyCow on your iPhone or iPad, eating healthy or being a vegan is suddenly very simple. And we are certain: cows are happier as well.

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