The average fantasy knight’s to-do list is probably pretty short. Eviot ogre, debate troll, slay dragon, feast – which we reokon sounds like a lot more fun than our own tasks.

Fortunately, the people behind Habitica seem to share our desire for a less humdrum way of doing things, so this task manager lets you level up the in-game character you’ve created as you get stuff done.

Made it to the gym today? Check it off your daily task list and your character will earn coins that you can use to buy armour, weapons, and other perks.

Or you can spend your in-game spoils on real-life rewards that you’ve defined, such as splurging on a midweek movie (unfortunately you’ll still have to pay with real-life money on the door). As you use the app, you’ll stumble upon healing potions and other empowering items.

Like all great adventures, being productive is more fun when you have company, which is why Habitica lets you invite friends and colleagues to embark on quests with you.

By staying on “quest” as a group, you’ll conquer monsters (and earn lots of loot). Or, if you’re just looking to connect with fellow sojourners, visit the Tavern – a remarkably civil message board, to chat about topics ranging from cool travel destinations to board games.

See a way to improve your Habitica experience? The app’s software is open source, which means anyone can suggest improvements or tweak the code to make it better for the entire community.

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