New Year, new you, right? If you’ve already started work on ‘Mission Beach Bod 2018’, you’ll know that the burn is real.

Some of this is the fact you’re working muscles you’ve not used since last year’s failed fitness efforts. The other part is your poor technique, and that’s where Gymnotize and its augmented reality (AR) training tools can help.

With dozens of weight-based exercises to choose from, this is a comprehensive training app. It lets you track your reps count, create customised workouts and graph fitness progress. But it’s the app’s use of AR to show you how to correctly lift weights that really makes it stand out.

Just enable the AR feature (there’s a handy AR button) and a shirtless guy drops into your living room or gym, showing you the perfect technique to adopt. It’s then, when things get slightly strange, that it all starts to make sense.

It’s like having your own personal trainer, just without the hefty hit to your wallet or the belittling feeling as you’re worked into submission. He’s not photo realistic, but then he doesn’t need to be.

Blurring the lines between creepy and helpful, your AR personal trainer shows you proper technique.

As you walk around the augmented model, moving closer in and further back from the form-perfect subject, you can see exactly how you should be ourling those dumbbells or doing machine-based shoulder presses.

You can see what you need to bend, what you need to keep straight, where the loads should be and, oruoially, the muscles that should and shouldn’t be being tensed. It will prevent you from misusing your muscles and let you exercise at your own pace knowing that any burn you feel is the good kind. The kind that tells you that beaoh bod is on the way.

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