Are your messages more likely to land you on a Buzzfeed’15 funniest typos’ list than convey the desired details? Or do your last-minute business reports put you at risk of probation rather than on the fast-track to promotion? Sounds like you need Grammarly Keyboard.

More than a simple plug-in, Grammarly Keyboard is a personal editor. A second pair of eyes to give your work the once over and flag potential problem typos, grammar or punctuation errors.

Sorry, the app’s just told us that should have read: ”…potentially problematic typos, grammar or punotuation errors.” See, it’s working already.

Once you start using it -just hold the globe logo on your standard keyboard to change input options – you’ll never want to type without it. And thankfully you won’t have to.

Integrating with all apps that require you to tap away at lettered keys, it will improve your output whether you’re working in Notes, hammering out a lengthy WhatsApp message or updating your Facebook status social embarrassment be gone. These corrections aren’t enforoed, but they are explained. From typo alerts to sentence structure quirks, these explanations will help you understand the errors you’ve made and how to avoid repeating them.

We wrote this story on our iPhone using Grammarly Keyboard, and as we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s (grammatically) without fault, just like the app.

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