Even for women with regular periods, menstrual symptoms can be unpredictable. Flo helps you keep in touch with your cycles and your reproductive health, by tracking your mood, your symptoms, weight and physical activity.

Feeling happy, angry, or panicky? Experiencing cramps, headache, or bloating? Log it in Flo. Entering this information on a daily basis helps Flo better predict your cycle and allows it to offer helpful insights.

If you’ve indicated that you’re stressed or haven’t worked out for a few days, the app may present you with short articles, such as ”You have logged stress. What is the best way to calm down?” or ”How can workouts help you cope with increased appetite?”

Flo integrates with Apple Health, which lets Flo the app become more accurate in its period predictions. Pair the app with your Apple Watch and it will use your heart rate data to more precisely project when you’ll start ovulating.

And, with Flo, you’ll no longer have to rack your brain the next time a doctor asks the question ”When was the date of your last period?”

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