For many of us, the only writing we do each day involves emailing colleagues, texting friends, and curating hashtags. It’s short, fast, and #catsoflnstagram. Sorry, we mean reactionary. Rarely though do we find the time to reflect on our day and make sense of the world around us. Day One Journal, however, gives us reason to write.

Letting us jot down our thoughts and ideas with more focus and purpose, it lets us relive our days in written form. It lets us write to remember. Write to recall. Write for no reason other than it makes us happy and creates a context-rich log of our life.

It’s not just about the written word though. You can pair your musings with the sort of detail that will bring extra clarity to your memories. If you want to remember a precise moment, you can make an entry that captures date, time, and location. You can add photos, weather, your daily step count. Even the song you’re listening to. Whatever is relevant to you, at that specific time.

And that’s why Day One Journal is so great. You’re not restricted by rigid frameworks or foundations. The app responds to your ever-changing wants and needs. Power users can mark entries with custom tags like Holiday,” ”Family Time,” or Christmas” for easier searching, and as it’s available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, your memories are with you wherever you go.

Your memories aren’t locked to your devices though. Once you have a decent number of entries, you can transform yourjournal into a gorgeous printed book. The app does much of the layout and design work for you, so it’s easy to make something beautiful. Just because you’ve already missed some memories doesn’t mean it’s too late to start keeping track of your life. Remember, the perfect time to start journalling is always now.

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