It’s one of life’s big questions, up there with the purpose of our existence and when time began: what would you look like dressed as an avocado?

How about sat on an elephant’s trunk or as the face of a rainbow-farting unicorn? You don’t need a divine power or spiritual leader to give you the answers, just Bitmoji.

Same as text speak replaced grammatically correct English, and emoji replaced those abbreviated words, Bitmoji is the next step in our increasingly simplified means of communication. The difference this time is that Bitmoji offers a far more bespoke, personalised experience. You are the emoji.

Customising your Bitmojicharacter is fun, but you’ll agonise over every tweak to your hair style, mouth type, eye size and wrinkles. And that’s before you get to the extensive outfit options.

Kit your character out to look just like you and you’re ready to start sharing the hundreds of scenes you’ve now been dropped in to. These range from the simple – waving, drinking coffee, dab – to the more out there – chicken head, human ice-cream and dragon slayer.

Your mini me doesn’t stay locked in the confines of the Bitmoji app either.

With plugins for Messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat and pretty much any other messaging services you can think of, they’ll soon start popping up everywhere. Within days you’ll have forgotten how to type, with birthday greetings, lunch suggestions and proclamations of love all coming in Bitmoji form.

Once you’ve created your own, you’ll want to get your mum and grandad involved, too. This is an app that’s fun for all and seeing gramps mocked up as a rapper or a roast turkey can’t help but raise a smile.

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