With silly stickers, perky patterns and terrific typefaces, A Design Kit is one of the cheeriest ways to decorate your photos before sharing them on social media.

Creators Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are behind wholesome lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess and the photo editor A Color Story, so it was inevitable that A Design Kit would have no shortage of ways to express your true self.

The full spectrum

A Design Kit offers seven brushes, from watercolor to felt-tip markers, to embellish your photos with. Choose just about any paint hue, or draw with textures and patterns, such as wood grain and soratohed metal. The dry-erase marker, is one of our favourites as it gives your doodles a hand-drawn feel.

The handy shortout in the toolbar lets you quickly apply a filter in A Color Story, then flip back to A Design Kit.

Stickers that shine

There are dozens of stickers to choose from, such as a ”good vibes” rainbow. However, it’s the stylized shapes, called Designs, that really shine. Decorate your photos with scribbly circles, isometric squares, and more than 20 different arrows. Use them on their own or as background for text.

Want to create a fancy text-only image to share? Use A Design Kit’s shiny metals, twinkling geodes, and swirling milky backgrounds to make it pop. Or better yet, create an eye-catching border.

To do this, put a patterned background on your canvas, then place a solid square or rectangular Design sticker over it, stretching it to the edges until you’ve created a border. The resulting card is a perfect fit for short notes to send to a friend.

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