You know this as well as we do: your daily routine is crammed with this-and-that and work and chores. It’s literally impossible to use your 24 hours to keep track of even more things, like… the release dates of the new albums by your favourite artists.

February’s the time of year a lot of musicians start releasing and making announcements after all.

Well, be glad there’s a little bird in your pocket that chirps into your ear whenever there’s new music waiting for you – whether that’s tomorrow’s release of the new Justin Timberlake record or new The Decemberists material due in March.

Tracking music is as easy as importing your playlists. Record Bird instantly knows what artists are important to you and will send you a push notification in case they announce or release a wonderful new piece of music that makes your heart go bibbity bop. Or you can just check “My releases” for a handy overview sorted by release date.

Additional features include exporting a release date to your personal iOS calendar, watching the official video of a new single before the album hits, or hopping over to Apple Music via button push to listen to some freshly released tunes.

Creating a playlist of your new favs is up to you, however. We suggest you start your own personal “Best of 2018” playlist in Apple Music right away. It’s just the best way to recap the current year once it’s over.

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