This is the latest slick team shooter to arrive with colourful characters duking it out in thrilling firefights.

What makes Hero Hunters different is that it comes from a development team with real pedigree. Creator Hothead Games has made some impressive sniper games in the last few years, but it has cleverly evolved and widened that formula out here.

The Kill Shotgames’ influence is still evident, though. Those trademark slo-mo tracking shots of the decisive bullet still act as each battle’s final flourish.

For all its fast gunplay, this is actually a deeper, more tactical affair than we’ve seen from Hothead before. That depth and strategy is down to the cast of mercenaries you recruit, each of whom have different talents and upgradeable skills.

The controls are clever, allowing for great flexibility with a simple set of swipes and taps. After a few neat tutorial rounds, it’s easy to dive between cover spots, pop off headshots and switch characters.

Fight off waves of gun-toting cyborg folks in the opening ten solo missions and you unlock what will become the meat of this game – firefights against other players. With the added spice of online competition, the steady stream of new characters and upgrades will keep dedioated players busily tweaking their team for weeks and months to come.

And if you just want a quick, explosive thrillride, the solo campaign is more than enough to keep you entertained.

It’s no coincidence that Hothead Games has produced among the most impressive entries to date in this fast-growing genre; its experience in creating polished, oompelling shooters is here for all to see in Hero Hunters.

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